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The Smoker.

The Smoker is an island in the western part of the Shackles that has been formed by Mount Keeba, the largest active volcano in the region. It is northwest of Bag Island and northeast of Shark Island. Slow rivulets of lava constantly flow down the volcano's northern slope and steam hisses violently as the lava reaches the ocean. A steady plume of smoke rises lazily from the huge crater at the volcano's summit although it has not erupted violently in recent history. Plumetown is the only major settlement on the island and the destination of many pilgrims that arrive at the Smoker island seeking words of wisdom from the otherworldly prophets of the Mount Keeba's mystical caves known as the Cauldrons of Calm and Calamity. Pilgrims wait in Plumetown for a Caretaker to escort them on the long paved Wise Artery to one of Keeba's Eyes. A wait that may last from hours to years.12

The volcanic activity in this area has attracted a large number of gargiyas, which inhabit the surrounding waters in considerable numbers.3


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