Five Kings Range

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One of the Carved Kings in the Five Kings Mountains.

The Five Kings Mountain Range in Avistan boasts 17 peaks above 14,000 feet in elevation,1 including Droskar's Crag, the tallest known active volcano on Golarion.2 Most of these peaks stand in the Five Kings Mountains region. Only a few of the peaks stand in Andoran.1 Some of the tallest peaks of the Five Kings Range are listed below. The mountain range is named in honor of the five kings who signed the Kerse Accord in 2332 AR, ending seven centuries of civil war.3


The Five Kings Mountains is a dwarven territory. The mountains are mostly rocky with occasional plateaus, and are home to savage giants and bloodthirsty wildlife. Outsiders see very few natural resources worth the danger to exploit. The border nations don't establish settlements any closer than the foothills or approaching the dwarven territory, nor do they interfere with the industry carried out by the dwarves in the higher reaches, although they usually conduct a profitable trade with them. At the forested foothills, dwarven lumber mills work to procure timber and firewood to support tunneling operations and provide light and heat below the surface.4


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