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An omnipath.

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Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 38f.

Omnipaths are a highly specialised, evolved alghollthu subrace who serve as the communicators and coordinators of alghollthu activity. They use their exceptional memory and telepathic mesh to share information and alert each other of threats.12


An omnipath is an eel-like creature with three nested jaws of glassy teeth, up to eight eyes, no tentacles, and three glowing balls on its tail. Omnipaths are 25 feet long and weigh two tons each.12


Omnipaths can form a telepathic mesh consisting of themselves, other alghollthus, and creatures dominated by alghollthus in the mesh. The omnipath can remotely communicate with all creatures in its telepathic mesh, possess any of these creatures, or share the senses of up to six of them at once. Any threat to any creature in the mesh becomes immediately known to the mesh's other members; for this reason, veiled masters employ omnipaths as alarm systems. Omnipaths remember everything they experience, accumulating a hoard of knowledge shared between all omnipaths.2

Omnipaths are powerful psychics. Their mindset is strange, inscrutable to most humanoids. They consider eyes a delicacy.2


Most omnipaths are powerful servants of the veiled masters, allowing them to orchestrate plans through their telepathic mesh. Many omnipaths ride in their victims' bodies to walk the surface, seeing and hearing through the host's eyes and ears, and due to their vast insight about surface cultures and practices, they are able to accurately mimic the behaviour of their victims, deceiving even friends and family. Sometimes, the truth is never discovered, and their victims serve as unwilling spies for alghollthus on the surface until death.12


Paizo published a major article about alghollthus in The Lost Outpost titled "Ecology of the Alghollthu".

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