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Chuuls, or Chu'ulothis1, are a race of evil, crustacean-like ambush predators found in Golarion's swamps and underground.2


Chuuls can live in both fresh and saltwater, and are found both in surface waters and in subterranean lakes and seas within the Darklands.2

Chuuls are ambush predators, waiting underwater for prey to pass close, at which point they paralyze their target with their tentacles and either drown it or eat it alive. While they are good swimmers, chuuls favor terrestrial prey. Surface-dwelling chuul prefer to feed on lizardfolk, while ones living underground take everything except for xulgaths, whose taste and smell they dislike.2

Society and culture

Chuuls are sapient and capable of speech, but have very limited interactions with other intelligent beings. They are driven to inflict psychological harm to other sapient creatures, taunting and degrading their paralyzed victims before feeding, and will not communicate with non-chuul sapients in any other manner even under torture. Among their own kind, chuul only appear to congregate for reproduction. On an individual level, chuul lifestyles are limited towards survival, tormenting other creatures, collecting trophies of personal victories or successful hunts, and breeding.2

Ulat-kinis view chuuls as akin to older siblings, but also fear them as predators. Chuuls do not seem to recognize a kinship, and readily prey on ulat-kinis.1


The chuuls descend from some of the earliest experiments done by Golarion's alghollthus, which took the form of immense crayfish which the alghollthus used as steeds. These were later further modified and given sapience, leading to the creation of the chuuls.1


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