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Source: Tower of the Drowned Dead, pg(s). 88-89

Plizeazoths are a large, brutish alghollthu subrace that serve the veiled masters as tormentors.1


Plizeazoths are ray-like creatures with wide, dark teal fins. Each plizeazoth has a tentacle on each side of its wide sucking mouth, which can be used to manipulate objects. Its hardened scabrous tail can be employed as a weapon, but, lacking dexterity, the plizeazoth can only slam it at enemies. Its body is malleable, which allows it to fit in small spaces and make subtle alterations to its normal form, moving its vital organs around.1

A plizeazoth has five ruby-red eyes, each capable of moving on its own. Plizeazoths are bottom feeders and feed on other alghollthus' scraps on the sea bed. A typical plizeazoth is about 22 feet wide and weighs approximately 4,400 pounds.1


The first plizeazoths were created by ancient alghollthu rulers in response to a request from the veiled masters, who decided to delegate the time-consuming job of subjugating humanoid victims to others.1


Plizeazoths are brutish, bestial and primarily rely on their primal instincts. They are impressive in physical and mental might, but many plizeazoths do not comprehend their power, having long been bred for subservience to the veiled masters. Immune to pain and unable to truly comprehend their value within alghollthu society, plizeazoths are generally content to serve their masters.1

A plizeazoth only desires to defend itself or subjugate victims in the name of their overlords. Skilled at taking advantage of emotion, hallucination and pain, they make quick work of weak-minded foes but take particular pleasure in breaking determined, willful enemies. After its victim has been sufficiently broken, a plizeazoth quickly moves on to its next task, ever eager to please its superiors.1


Plizeazoths have a low status in alghollthu society and mostly keep to themselves. Other alghollthus look down on them, considering them primitive and unpredictable, keeping a distance from them as a precaution. Typically, only its master will approach a plizeazoth, and only for the purpose of issuing commands, which are generally easy and basic enough for it to understand. Most plizeazoths obey their masters without question and pose little threat to creatures they have not been expressly instructed to attack.1

Plizeazoths are kept as something akin to pets by their masters and only leave alghollthu cities if they have a mission abroad. Because of this, they are largely unknown by surface dwellers. Their victims only recall foggy memories of them, which have mostly been erased by the emotional and psychic scars. The rare victim that remembers plizeazoths recounts brutal psychological assaults, breaking down reality into a twisted landscape of pain and despair, with the only escape being servitude to the plizeazoth's master.1

Plizeazoths never typically build homes and are content to graze near deep trenches for food until commanded. Plizeazoths are usually solitary, but the veiled masters have been known to give a pair a mission and instructions to cooperate in carrying it out if necessary.1

Plizeazoths that evolve self-awareness and an increased intellect could become a threat even to other alghollthus, though their rulers already have plans in motion for when that time comes.1


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