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Parnoneryx fights alongside the mortal Iomedae.

Source: Scourge of the Godclaw, pg(s). 28–29, 59

Parnoneryx is a gold dragon who once fought alongside Iomedae before her ascension. Some time after Iomedae parted ways with him to become a deity, Parnoneryx challenged the much stronger white wyrm Veznagazraden and demanded that it donate its wealth to those in need, but Veznagazraden defeated Parnoneryx and trapped him for centuries in a tomb of ice deep in the Menador Mountains. After being freed by the Glorious Reclamation's leader, Lord Marshal Alexeara Cansellarion, he joined the Glorious Reclamation, took its knightly code and vowed to free Cheliax from House Thrune.1

Parnoneryx was later slain by a band of evil adventurers working for House Thrune. His head was crafted into a tathlum which was later used to lift the siege of Citadel Rivad and defeat the Glorious Reclamation.23


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