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Pathfinder Society expeditions

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The Pathfinder Society is justly famed for the activities of its members, which are recorded in the Pathfinder Chronicles. Pathfinders travel throughout Golarion in search of lost knowledge and ancient treasures.

The form of each expedition varies based on the conditions on the ground and the personalities of the Pathfinders involved. Sometimes they operate openly as archaeologists; in other cases they work in secret as tomb robbers. In some cases this secrecy even extends to their superiors in the organisation.[1]

Notable treasures

Among the many items recovered by Pathfinders are the following:[2]

Active expeditions

Some of the known on-going expeditions include:[3]

Past Expeditions

The Society has mounted countless expeditions during the past centuries. Some have been great successes, while others ended in terrible failure. Below is a short list of both.

Deep Tolguth

  • Five separate expeditions to discover the location of the Orvian vault of Deep Tolguth have been launched in the past; none have returned alive.[5]