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The fabled lost city of Ird is said to lie somewhere within the Mwangi Expanse, but its location is unknown. Explorers have found native guides to be extremely unreliable where Ird is concerned, as the city is taboo.12


Some believe the city was built by the first Mwangi culture during the Age of Darkness, while others believe the city to have sprung up in one of its successor states later during the Age of Anguish. Artefacts of Ird have been found in the later Rastel and Terwa cultures, and also in Arzikal. They provide a picture of slavery, decadence, and an apparently immortal ruling caste who traded in the souls and lives of their subjects.1

Old-Mage Jatembe has been linked with the city. In some stories he destroyed Ird, and in others it is his birthplace.32 Some believe that Ird is also where the Harvestmen were first developed and built.1


First-hand accounts of the city don't seem to exist, but it has long been rumored that Ird is home to a variant species of totenmaske able to take the form of gold statues studded with gems and jewels.4


Pathfinder Professor Innobar DiGomphrey has been searching for Ird since at least 4710 AR.12 Celebrity archaeologist Gerhard Pendergrast and Conference Z member Paracountess Domiana Lix also have active expeditions searching for its location.2


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