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Paizo's Pathfinder Bounty product line is an ongoing series of short, introductory scenarios that can be played for Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild credit, or simply as short, casual, standalone adventures. Pathfinder Bounties are digital products designed for 1-2 hour games within the Pathfinder campaign setting.[1]


At the Organized Play panel at PaizoCon in May 2020, the Organized Play team announced the end of the Pathfinder Quests line and the start of the Pathfinder Bounty product line.[2]


Cover Title Release Date Author Level Location
The Whitefang Wyrm.jpg Whitefang Wyrm, The The Whitefang Wyrm 20200826 August 26, 2020 Sayre Michael Sayre 01 1st Aaminiut, Crown of the World
Blood of the Beautiful.jpg Blood of the Beautiful 20200930 September 30, 2020 Hillman Thurston Hillman 01 1st Near Petitioner's Port, Druma
Shadows and Scarecrows.jpg Shadows and Scarecrows 20201029 October 29, 2020 Michaels Jacob W. Michaels 01 1st Nidal
Cat's Cradle.jpg Cat's Cradle 20201118 November 18, 2020 Murphy Hilary Moon Murphy 01 1st Eto, Osirion
Witch's Winter Holiday.jpg Witch's Winter Holiday 20201216 December 16, 2020 Hurley Patrick Hurley 01 1st Nirmathas
The Road from Otari.jpg The Road from Otari 20210127 January 27, 2021 Lundeen Ron Lundeen 01 1st Absalom
Cleanup Duty.jpg Cleanup Duty 20210224 February 24, 2021 Nold Elizabeth V Nold 01 1st Varisia
The Tireless Path.jpg The Tireless Path 20210331 March 31, 2021 Flanagan Ivis K. Flanagan 01 1st Ustalav
Fishing in Anthusis.jpg Fishing in Anthusis 20210428 April 28, 2021 Mammoliti Letterio Mammoliti 01 1st Vidrian
Hillcross Roundup cover.jpeg Hillcross Roundup 20210528 May 28, 2021 Heits Nicole Heits 01 1st Realm of the Mammoth Lords
Forged Facade final cover.jpeg Forged Facade 20210630 June 30, 2021 Meyer Randal Meyer 01 1st Galt
Somewhere Below final cover.jpeg Somewhere Below 20210728 July, 2021 Frandsen Kim Frandsen 01 1st Belkzen
The Blackwood Abundance cover.jpeg The Blackwood Abundance 20210825 August, 2021 Speidel Alex Speidel 01 1st Taldor
The Blackwood Truce.jpeg The Blackwood Truce 20210929 September, 2021 DiMarco Caryn DiMarco 01 1st Taldor
Treasure off the Coast.jpg Treasure off the Coast 20211024 October, 2021 Bowser Brent Bowser 01 1st Ravounel
Boom Town Betrayal.jpg Boom Town Betrayal 20211117 November, 2021 Harper Logan Harper 01 1st Absalom
Sodden Stories.jpg Sodden Stories 20211215 December, 2021 Bramnik Michael Bramnik 01 1st Sodden Lands
From Family Lost.jpg From Family Lost 20220223 February, 2022 Greer Alexi Greer 03 3st Mendev


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