Ravounel Forest

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The Ravounel Forest is located in Ravounel, between the Yolubilis River and the Arcadian Ocean, and gives its name to the surrounding country.[1] Rumors have begun to surface recently that a cult of Rovagug may be active within the wood, but no hard evidence has been found so far.[2] Older rumours of strix and malicious fey have ensured the old forest has a dangerous reputation, and so the region has never been well populated.[3]

The forest was once part of the Archduchy of Ravounel, a part of Cheliax, before it seceded and became an independent nation.[4]


The Ravounel Forest is home to the strix of the Kitkasiticka tribe, who have lived in the forest for centuries. A coven of Rovagug-worshipping storm hags known as the Grundlescorn sisters also settled in the forest at a later date, coming in conflict with the strix for dominance of the Ravounel Forest.[5] Other dangerous creatures live in the forest, including several evil fey.[6]


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