Storm hag

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Storm hag

Monstrous humanoid
Any temperate
Source: The Witch Queen's Revenge, pg(s). 90

Storm hags are a species of hags connected to storms.1


A storm hag resembles a stooped, wizened woman with a thundercloud of hair which can stand as tall as she is. Small arcs of electricity can be seen jumping across her pointed teeth and fingertips. Her eyes lack pupils and are thick with cataracts. A storm hag weighs about 70 pounds and stands a little over four feet tall, though if she stood up straight she could reach five feet. A storm hag usually wears dirty, smelly, coarse furs.1


Storm hags prefer the flesh of children, and can track them with their supernatural abilities. Those living on Golarion have developed a taste for Ulfen and Kellid children. They consider adults only when children are not available, and animals only when starved.1

Storm hags prefer areas with inclement weather and often make their lairs far from civilisation. They go to great lengths to keep the exact location of these lairs secret and are content to remain in an area as long as food is adequate. These lairs are simple, decorated with the remains of past victims and dominated by the storm hag's cauldron.1


Storm hags despise gnomes and halflings and always target them above all others, possibly because storm hags are confused and frustrated by how they look so similar to their favourite food. When a storm hag encounters travellers, she summons a storm to force them to seek shelter, then sows discontent and frightens them with a hateful voice, pushing them to their breaking point before killing and consuming them.1

Storm hags prefer to form covens with other storm hags, but occasionally team up with sea hags or green hags. Few storm hags would enter a coven with the brutish and simple annis hags.1


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