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Cleanse the former Worldwound
Source: Lost Omens World Guide, pg(s). 32–33
For another meaning of "Reclaimers", please see Reclaimers (elves).

The self-proclaimed Reclaimers consist of courageous crusaders, followers of the Green Faith, and descendants of Old Sarkoris who are determined to restore the Sarkoris Scar. Their only permanent holding is the town of Gundrun, which they have fortified with walls and wardstones. Otherwise, they prefer a nomadic lifestyle and focus on restoring wildernesses, since they believe that this way of life is cleaner and nobler than settled life, and that the Sarkoris Scar remains too blighted to settle. Two of the Reclaimers' primary targets are the city of Dyinglight and the great library of druidic lore deep in the Shudderwood, but both sites remain in evil hands: the former is controlled by fiendish, cannibalistic giants, the latter by corrupted, tormented fey. Even the wild animals in the Sarkoris Scar are tainted with the touch of the Abyss, yet the Reclaimers are making slow, painful progress eliminating them from the land.1


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