Record of Truan Iolavai

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The Record of Truan Iolavai is an ancient text that catalogues the journeys of Truan Iolavai, an explorer who completed a fantastic journey from the Taldan capital of Oppara all the way across Avistan and Casmaron to the distance province of Yen-Shuan in Kaladay.[1]


Near the beginning of their journey, Truan and his companions discovered the ancient edifice of Hask-Ultharan in the pine forests of Iobaria. A gigantic stone cairn, it was marked with the weathered script of the cyclopes who ruled the land during the Age of Legend, and served travelers in that land as a way marker. When their guides refused to approach it, Truan investigated, but was stopped by a howling mob of malformed giants. These creatures were said to have been led by the demon lord Kostchtchie himself, who crushed more than a dozen strong warriors before the humans fled for safety.[1]

Even though elements of this story has been critiqued by scholars throughout the centuries, its basic facts remain uncontested.[1]

The book also tells the story of the sacking of Vaidencoast by a zomok.[2]

Extant copies

It is rumoured that an ancient and annotated copy of the Record of Truan Iolavai is contained within the hoard of the dragon that claims to be Choral the Conqueror.[3]


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