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Rokuro Kaijitsu

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Rokuro Kaijitsu

Amatatsu Tsutoku
Source: The Brinewall Legacy, pg(s). 50

Rokuro Kaijitsu is the name assumed by Amatatsu Tsutoku, one of the last survivors of the five royal families of Minkai, after he fled his homeland to Avistan, where he became one of the co-founders of Sandpoint.1


Amatatsu Tsutoku was the youngest and only surviving son of his family by the time they emerged from the Crown of the World into Kalsgard, where he changed his name to Rokuro Kaijitsu. He later had a son named Lonjiku and two granddaughters Ameiko and Amaya.12


In 4652 AR, in order to escape the oni of the Five Storms, who sought to exterminate all five of Minkai's royal families, the Amatatsu family fled Minkai through the Crown of the World, carrying the Amatatsu Seal, proof of their royal lineage, with them. Only a small fraction of them survived the journey to arrive in Kalsgard, with Tsutoku as their leader. In order to finance the Amatatsus' integration into an alien culture, Tsutoku sold their heirloom, the sword Suishen, to the Ulfen merchant Fynn Snaevald.2 To throw off pursuit from the Five Storms, the Amatatsus took the surname Kaijitsu and changed their given names as well as their name order to match Avistani norms. Thus Amatatsu Tsutoku became Rokuro Kaijitsu.13

With the money earned from selling Suishen, the Kaijitsus bought a house in Brinewall and had the Amatatsu Seal hidden in a warding box in a vault hidden from divination beneath Brinewall Keep. They then became glass blowers to further hide their true lineage from the Five Storms, who would find it unthinkable that a royal family could change its name or work as common traders. Their talent eventually attracted the attention of the Magnimarian aristocracy, who offered them a small villa in the city. Rokuro accepted, reasoning that his lineage could be further concealed if he joined the Varisian nobility.1

While he kept his servants and assets (including the Amatatsu Seal) secure in Brinewall, Rokuro and his wife moved to Magnimar, where they had a son named Lonjiku, co-founded the town of Sandpoint, and saw their fortunes rise.1

In 4687 AR, the 60-year-old Rokuro allowed himself to believe that he had finally cut off the Five Storms' pursuit. With his business concerns focused in Magnimar and Sandpoint, he brought Lonjiku to Brinewall to recover the Amatatsu Seal and reveal his family legacy to his son. However, Rokuro took too much time contemplating on how to do so, resulting in Lonjiku opening the warding box himself and exposing the Amatatsu Seal to observation. The horrified Rokuro immediately sent Lonjiku alongside the rest of his extended family and belongings on three ships to Magnimar, despite the storms wracking the Lost Coast at the time; Rokuro would follow later once he could be sure that the Five Storms had not noticed that the warding box was opened.1

As his ships sailed into the storm, Rokuro returned the warding box, with the Amatatsu Seal inside it, to Brinewall's vaults and alerted its commander Andril Kortun that dangerous foes might soon strike. The Five Storms' Kalsgard-based branch, called the Frozen Shadows, struck even faster than Rokuro anticipated. They swept into Brinewall and exterminated its population in less than an hour. Rokuro fell in battle, never to learn the loss of his ships and the suicide of his wife. Before abandoning Brinewall, the oni made an example of Rokuro, transforming him into a wraith, but failed to discover the hidden vault containing the Amatatsu Seal. He has since then been bound to the vault, still guarding the Amatatsu Seal.145


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