Domina Arabasti

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Domina Arabasti

Queen Domina the Great
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 40

Queen Domina of Korvosa (ruled 46674686 AR) was a monarch of the Varisian city-state of Korvosa,1 and best known for bringing the Hellknight Order of the Nail to Varisia in 4682 AR.23


Queen Domina's reign began in 4667 AR after she deposed the imposter King Chadris of House Porphyria and set about dismantling his house's presence in Korvosa.4 Domina came from the Chelaxian line of the Arabasti family. She was a worshipper of the Malebranche Malacoda and brought with her a closer connection to the new diabolism that was now so prevalent in Cheliax. Queen Domina greatly improved trade relations with places like Egorian, and many prominent Chelish trading houses opened branches in Korvosa during this period. Queen Domina used the money raised by this new prosperity to build; she erected many famous Korvosan buildings like the Pantheon of Many, the Temple of Asmodeus, Domina's Wall, and, away from the city, Citadel Vraid.

In 4682 AR, Queen Domina entreated the aid the Hellknight Order of the Rack, Order of the Scourge, and Order of the Godclaw, but was refused by all three. Her offer was finally accepted by the Order of the Nail, who relocated to Varisia. Upon their arrival, the Queen funded the construction of Citadel Vraid in the Mindspin Mountains and requested their aid in harassing and intimidating the growing power of Korvosa's trade rival, Magnimar. The Hellknight order refused, and the Korvosan monarchy has begrudged them since.5


Queen Domina's reign is now looked back on by most residents of Korvosa as a golden age not since repeated. She had two children, Arkapallus, who would later become King Eodred Arabasti II,6 and the illegitimate, deformed cambion Venster.7 She is buried in the royal crypts of Castle Korvosa.8


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