Sheel Leroung

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Sheel Leroung

4621 AR (aged 89)
Source: Path of the Hellknight, pg(s). 19

The wizard Sheel Leroung was an political ally of the founder of the Hellknights, Daidian Ruel, and beginning in 4581 AR aided in his research into the afterlife and the organization of Hell's legions. In 4599 AR, he was given permission by Lictor Aligois Thels to take 20 Hellknights into the western edge of the Menador Mountains on a private venture. In return for this, Leroung provided funds to create a new Hellknight fortress there: Citadel Enferac.1

In 4621 AR, on the day of his 89th birthday, Leroung died only to rise as a lich. He used the Vicious Link, an artifact said to have been a gift from Dispater, to travel to the Island of Seven Chains, where he built the Ashstaves as his new home. He continues to advise his successors, while spending time conducting personal research. Sometimes, he comes to the Palace Locclairo in Dis to assist Daidian Ruel's search for the soul of his son.2


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