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Shojinawa Ito

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Shojinawa Ito

Source: The Empty Throne, pg(s). 32

Shojinawa Ito is one of the most evil emperors in the history of Minkai, so evil that his named was purged from most historical records after his reign. He has lingered on in the Well of Demons as a dread ghost, seeking for a way to reclaim the Jade Throne.1


As a ghost, Ito appears like he did in life, but his regalia and crown are burnt, reflecting the manner of his death.1


Ito's bloodline was steeped in necromancy and dark magic.1


During his reign, Ito extended his lifespan by becoming a lich, using magic to conceal his status, which only a few historians know. He even created an undead army to protect him and expand Minkai. However, he could not stop his subjects' suspicion, and his reign came to an end when the sovereign dragon Daidorei travelled to his palace, disguised as a peasant, and burnt him to death. Daidorei also divined Ito's phylactery on Mount of Seven Shrines and destroyed it as well.1

However, instead of creating a single phylactery, Ito had made two, splitting his soul as a safeguard against coups. The second phylactery did not work properly, and Ito returned not as a lich, but as a dread ghost confined to the Imperial Shrine, near his funerary urn in the Shrine of the Heavenly Sovereign. His ghost was eventually drawn and confined to the Well of Demons by the Eternal Spring.1

Since ghosts cannot pass the torii gates around the Imperial Shrine, Ito has spent decades trying to lure visitors into the Well of Demons so he can possess them, leave the island with a physical body, and return to Minkai to reclaim his throne. When the corpse of Emperor Higashiyama Shigure was thrown into the Well by the Jade Regent, Ito initially thought that he had the answer, until he found that he cannot possess or reanimate a dead corpse.1


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