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Sovereign dragon

The most powerful of the imperial dragons, sovereign dragons were supposedly sent by the gods to maintain balance and safeguard harmony on the continent of Tian Xia. Impressive wingless creatures with golden scales, they are also known as lungwangs in Tien.12


Virtually all sovereign dragons are vibrant gold, both in their scales and in the armor they wear even while in dragon form. Sovereign dragons are the only imperial dragons to have five claws on each hand, which some ascribe to their special status and others deride. The hair of sovereign dragons can be any color commonly found among humans, but can also range into vibrant reds, greens, and blues.3


Unlike most of the imperial dragons, sovereign dragons are partially outside of the draconic cycle, having no great weakness to wood or strength from fire despite their affinity for earth. Some other imperial dragons suspect foul play, wondering out loud if the sovereign dragons had to make some fiendish bargain to achieve this status.3 The breath weapon of the sovereign dragon also has no elemental component, being rather a sharp blast of psychic energy. Adult and older sovereign dragons can grant boons to their servants.4 Ancient sovereign dragons further this focus on mental prowess and skill and are able to shrug off mental effects with little effort.5


Pham Duc Quan, Supreme Draconic Majesty of Xa Hoi, in his human form.

Sovereign dragons are overwhelmingly the most likely to act directly in humanoid affairs, historically known as kingmakers and advisors to the nations of Tian Xia. Many appreciate the wisdom offered by the powerful creatures, though just as many decry their staunch neutrality in all matters.3

Moving from kingmakers to kings, the nation of Xa Hoi has been ruled by sovereign dragons for almost seven millennia. The current Dragon King, Pham Duc Quan, successfully guided the nation through the fall of Lung Wa after chaos descended upon the continent.5


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