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Sugimatu Nobinoru

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Sugimatu Nobinoru

Source: The Empty Throne, pg(s). 30

Sugimatu Nobinoru is a former emperor of Minkai who was transformed into a thanadaemon after death, trapped in the Well of Demons due to his crimes.1


Nobinoru is a thanadaemon wearing a dark kimono and carrying an ornate staff.2


Nobinoru's majordomo is the piscodaemon Ikku.2


Emperor Nobinoru lived to the age of 110. When he finally died, he ordered his samurai to put his entire family to the sword, so none of them could surpass him. Due to another imperial family's intervention, the slaughter was prematurely stopped, but the Sugimatus were so decimated that one of them would not sit on the Jade Throne until centuries later. Nobinoru's crime caused his soul to be sent to Abaddon, where he was rewarded with transformation into a thanadaemon, before he returned to Minkai and became locked in a conflict against Emperor Shojinawa Ito over the lower levels of the Well of Demons.2

Nobinoru, unlike many former emperors trapped in the Well of Demons, has no desire to reclaim his throne. Instead, he seeks to connect the Imperial Shrine to Abaddon, allowing him to trap the souls of those laid to rest on the island and transport them directly to Abaddon, bypassing judgement. Since the murder of Emperor Higashiyama Shigure, he has been trying to lure his ghost to complete his plan (which requires the soul of an imperial family member), but Shigure's will is too strong.2


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