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Snowcaster elf

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Snowcaster elf
Ilverani elf.jpg
Type Humanoid
CR By class level
Environment Crown of the World
Images of Snowcaster elves

Source: People of the North, pg(s). 8-9

Also known as snow elves[1] or Snowcasters, Snowcaster elves are an elven ethnicity that live in the far north of Golarion, in the mountains of the Crown of the World.


The roots of these reclusive elves trace back to groups of elves who escaped Earthfall not by traveling via elf gate to Sovyrian, but rather to the frozen northern edges of Golarion.[2]


Snowcasters share many physical features with their elven cousins. They are uniquely pale-skinned, and most have white hair that matches their snow-coated homelands.[2]

Habitat and society

Outsiders say Snowcaster elves do not like intruders, which is true enough. They also claim that they are nomadic demon-worshipping cannibals who can freeze a man's blood with a glance; however, these traits are false, spawned from tall tales in absence of contact with the rest of the world.[2][3]

Snowcasters instead live in close-knit isolated tribal villages, often near ancient ruins or holy sites. They revere their homes and families, and the most devout among them worship Findeladlara, though in ways that sharply diverge from the rest of elven society. Indeed, their obscure traditions confound any who claim familiarity with elven ways—a quirk that savvy Snowcasters use to their advantage in their rare encounters with outsiders.[2][4]

They respect shows of force, however, and generally do not resort to violence unless provoked.[3] Their sentries are talented survivalists and guardians skilled in using their environment to scare or kill targets and carry messages.[4] They have an active elf gate in their territory known as Icegate, but the Snowcasters' brusque, suspicious behavior prevents it from becoming a popular destination.[3]


Snowcaster mistrust of outsiders runs deep enough that they guard even their names from revelation for fear of drawing bad luck. Snow elves consider it rude to ask for their names without sharing one's own name first, and in response to outsiders, they share cryptic sobriquets such as "Daughter of Twilight" or "Sunset's Blood" in place of their true ancestral names.[2]


Despite their insular nature, Snowcasters train and employ a handful of their own to interact with outside races as a religious duty to their favored deity, Findeladlara, while watching for signs of potential future cataclysms that could endanger their kind.[4]

These traveling Snowcasters are known as twilight speakers. While many are devout, and all are conditioned to resist the allure of the world past their cold homes, a handful stray from their path and into permanent exile.[4][5]

Snowcaster half-elves

Snowcaster half-elves, sometimes called snowborn, are half-elves descended from Snowcaster elves. The Snowcaster parent of such children are often twilight speakers, and their birth often leads to both the parent and child being permanently exiled from Snowcaster society.[5]