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Nation Kyonin
Size Small city
Population 5,200
Demographics 4,543 half-elves, 351 humans, 148 elves, 158 other
Government Autocracy (elven magistrate)
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Ruler Magistrate Laniel Miliediam

Source: Bastards of Golarion, pg(s). 8-9

Erages is a small fishing community located on the shore of Lake Encarthan in the elven nation of Kyonin. Erages' population is almost entirely half-elven, who live in virtual exile from the rest of the country.[1]


The settlement itself is constructed among the ruined stone towers of a far older elven settlement, possibly from before Earthfall. Most of these structures have crumbled down to one or two stories, and Erages' inhabitants have used the stone and masonry as building materials to construct new homes. Entrances beneath these ruins suggest that underground passages connect the towers to one another, but after several explorers were lost beneath the ground recently, most of the populace came to the conclusion that the tunnels were best left undisturbed.[1]

Erages Academy

The esteemed Erages Academy was founded in 4695 AR to support the influx of scholars and specializes in elven archeology and history, though many students also attend in hopes to learning from the university's martial wing, the Blackash Training Grounds. The academy is currently run by Headmaster Sarouna Lei.[2]


The town's primary source of food and income is through the abundant fishing in Lake Encarthan. Erages also has a less wholesome industry: smuggling. Although the elven authorities suspect this, they tend to turn a blind eye to this activity.[3]


The half-elves of Erages have recently begun complaining about the traditionalist elven nobility.[4]