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Religious symbol of Narakaas.

The Cleansing Sentence
Areas of Concern
Difficult choices
The chronically depressed
Wanton lovers
Help others through painful changes, offer harsh punishments to the penitent, seek and allow redemption
Torture an unwilling creature, take joy in suffering
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Death, Magic, Repose, Rune
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Change, death, pain, sorrow
Alternative: introspection
Favored Weapon
Vertical line intersected by two diagonal lines and capped with a circle
Source: Concordance of Rivals, pg(s). 13 (1E)
Gods & Magic, pg(s). 130
f. (2E)

Narakaas is an agender psychopomp usher born from the pieces of souls discarded by mortals. The Cleansing Sentence represents the countless choices and sacrifices made during a lifetime, and understands that a broken or repaired thing is no less valuable, but simply different and sometimes even more precious due to its history. Narakaas offers undecided souls a last chance to choose between good and evil, and judges good mortals that committed evil acts due to their beliefs and convictions.12


Menangerel,3 Narakaas' realm, is a patchwork place assembled from countless painful memories of home.1


Narakaas appears as a patchwork, androgynous humanoid with stag legs, held together by golden light. Their face is featureless save for expressionless eyes and streaks of tears.1


Although Narakaas accepts pain and the ensuing growth, creatures that revel in pain like velstracs are anathema to them. However, the Cleansing Sentence is an optimistic creature, and has redeemed a few velstracs and taken them into its service.1

Narakaas is also fond of other deities who themselves have gone through painful transformations, such as Arazni, Tsukiyo, and Nocticula.4


Narakaas teaches that even the smallest of changes are something to be celebrated, so many milestones are important to the Cleansing Sentence. Regardless, two holy days do have significant importance amongst its faithful.5

The Gilding

Often celebrated in the early days of spring, this day focuses on healing and repair. Worshippers use this time to fix broken buildings and objects in their community free of charge.5


Closing out the year, Narakaas' followers use this time to reflect on the changes they have gone through and lessons they have learned over the past year.5


Paizo published a major article about Narakaas in Ghost King's Rage.

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