Ebon acolytus

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Ebon acolytus

Source: The Twice-Damned Prince, pg(s). 82-83

Ebon acolyti, also known as altar golems, are statues or altars animated to aid in the sacrifice of sentient creatures to bloodthirsty deities such as Rovagug, Lamashtu, Asmodeus, or other divine or semi-divine beings. The most well-known altar golems include the Altar of Angazhan in the Mwangi Expanse and the Black Altar in the Midnight Temple of Egorian, Cheliax.1


Ebon acolyti are crafted from a single block of stone in the shape of a servant of the deity they are dedicated to, with a companion altar. Most are about 14 feet tall, weigh 2,500 pounds, and are armed with an enormous sacrificial dagger.1

Habitat and ecology

Altar golems are usually found in a dark place of worship, where the secrecy of sacrifice is paramount. They are especially proficient in wrestling potential victims into sacrificial position and sacrificing them. Souls sacrificed by an ebon acolytus are especially difficult to resurrect, so evil priests have been known to sacrifice themselves on one to elude justice.1