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Source: The Final Wish, pg(s). 53

Trilochan is a mutated gold dragon considered to be one of Rovagug's children.1


Trilochan is a gold dragon with an ulcerous third eye, a mutation arising from the venom of Kothogaz. It can be presumed that, as a tarnished dragon, his scales have grown dull and colorless over time.2


When Trilochan arrived is unknown, except that it was after Ulunat.3 Trilochan did battle with Kothogaz sometime before the latter's defeat in 300 AR. In the fighting, Trilochan was bitten, leading to mutation, madness, and tarnishing. However, for unknown reasons, he is not considered a "true" tarnishing.4 The dragon now lives in the forsaken Narhari Desert5 in Vudra.6

While he is considered the "wisest and wiliest of Rovagug's children",16 he suffers from hallucinations seen in his third eye that he cannot distinguish from reality.7


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