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A tzitzimitl.
Type Undead
CR 19
Environment Any
Images of tzitzimitls

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 276
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Tzitzimitls are immense skeletal manifestations of death that appear on doomed worlds to herald events of great suffering. They were created by liches of the planet Eox long ago to bring destruction upon living worlds.[1][2][3]


Tzitzimitls resemble gigantic humanoid skeletons about 50 feet tall and weigh thousands of pounds. They are constantly surrounded by crackling purple lightning and strange, otherworldly gases.[1]


Tzitzimitls only arrive upon worlds on the eve of dark times, but it is unknown whether they cause or merely presage these events. On some worlds, they were defeated by heroes and sealed within ancient, forgotten tombs. According to some cultures, tzitzimitls consume entire stars to shut down worlds and prepare for the end times.[1]


They can release fiery beams of force from their eyes that cause great devastation, and can summon magical darkness that freezes anything caught within.[1]

On Golarion

The Shade of Belimarius, which resembles the Runelord Belimarius and represents the upcoming doom of Xin-Edasseril if it cannot be freed from time-locked Crystilan, hides within the Eye of Jealousy.[3]


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