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Conversion of this page

I'm going to slowly work on converting this page into Indexes for thier individual books, and then get a real userpage up... -- Cpt kirstov 15:00, July 20, 2010 (UTC)

Articles I am in the middle of writing

(note some of these are notes directly copy/pasted until I finish collecting data) Google textpa




p2 Dalaston, Even-Tongued Conquest, Everwar,4486 AR,Blackpeak Talamir, Horranath, Maheto p3Dalassenos family, Saleno Dalassenos, Irini family, Eldran Tesh p4Baydon Irini, Morian Foundry, Irini Brewery, bloodless, Day's End Inn, Gath Morian, p5Golden Quarter, Blind Eye, Blackpeak ale, Dragonscar whisky, Morian family, p7Jahn, Chene Diolane p8Dohgar, The Commons, Jaq, Corrodan family, Caskal Corrodan, Lorala Corrodan, Dursk Corrodan, Gwalera Corrodan, Saira p9 The Market Quarter, Gorgan's Gullet, Sandria's Loom, Blackpeak Bakery, Workman's Wardrobe, Blinded Basilisk, Morda, Lorman's General Store, Gaz Lorman, Morian Estate, Irini Estate,

Pathfinder 3 Journal

Halflight Path, Duskwardens, Ardoc family, Brothers of the Seal, Council of Truth, Freemen, Tallow Boys

Pathfinder 7 journal

Burn rider, nalharest, Burn run

Pathfinder 8 Journal

Bulette drift, Bonecarvers

Pathfinder 9 Journal

Firemoss, Mountain goat, Pickpocket shrew, Mountain orc

Pathfinder 11

Sunwall, Harchist’s Blockade, Kroghut, Grask Uldeth of the Empty Hand, Grask Uldeth, Tulluk Clovenface, Haskodars,

Legacy of fire PG

p15, warp snake ect

Guide to darkmoon Vale(Gtdmv)

P3 River Foam, Diamond Regiment

p4 Elberwick Rise, Valers

p7 Narven, druids of the Shadow Pact, Taxthyl

p8Aspodell Rangers

p9 blastwaters, Tamaris Quickthorn

Gtdv 26:Appleleaf dowmberries Glowmold

Gtdv 27: dusk spider, Giant mosquito, Giant moorsnake, Mereswan, Mountain horse, Popcarp,Magmin, Manticore, Shocker lizard

Guide to Absalom (GTA)

p20 token guards, Forthright men

p25 Winged Sandels, Lord Hueff

p26 Black Whale Guirden of House Gyr

27 Hurricane Wings Asilia of Gyr

p 28 Master of Blades

p29 Benkhal Blackblade

p30Janiff Ivulxtin

p31 Children of Spring, Circle of Stones

p32 Fire Watch, Eagle Garrison

p33Alain Always

p34 Assembler, Ruling Escarpment, Thumper

p35 Cognate, Stirgeworks, Brass Carrots, Mithral Madmen, Nuar Spiritskin

p37 Raijit Punjeer, Sculptress, Elissa the Flair, Lotus Guard

p38 Assembly of Enigmas, The Lens

p39 Qia Xin

p42 Muckruckers, Tunnel Brach Badger