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Flag of the United States of America. This chronicler lives in the United States.

About me

I'm a longtime Paizo fan since the days of Dungeon magazine--my subscription dates to the late '90s, but terminated with 4e (bleh). Now based in Louisville, Kentucky, I've lived in Oklahoma, western Kentucky, Tokyo, and New York City over the years. I've been on hiatus since my son was born last year, but hopefull I can find some time to contribute here and there again.

Editing wikis is easy and a lot of fun, due to easy hyperlinking and support for iterative writing. I'm a big fan of Wiki on a Stick for note-taking, and did a little work on the Interlingua Wikipedia.

Creating wiki articles

One of the wiki's most important projects is the PathfinderWiki:Campaign Setting Inclusion Initiative.

If you're new to wiki editing, look through Help:Wikitext for the basics of wiki formatting. Help:Contents has nearly everything. Category:Infoboxes, Category:Citation templates and Help:Citing sources is also very useful, and Help:HTML will be a more rare reference.

I made my first bunch of articles by copying and pasting a couple of common elements of a page.

Commenting on wikia

Things I have learned: Adding a colon (:) on a Talk page indents your comment, keeping the discussion threaded and legible. Use four tildes (~~~~) to sign your comment.

My contributions

With much trepidation, I created Template:Magic_item. This so far includes an edit to PathfinderWiki:Template_colors, and has been applied to Wayfinder and Spartoi seeds.

Below are the eligible Paizo products I have or have worked on wikifying. I've tried to work on these systematically, but start with the smallest products I have (there is a ton of published material out there).

Stuff to Work On

My favorite pages