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OLoP Map Place Names

Junira River Lamasara Ruins of Akhenaten Ruins of el-Amara Footprints of Rovagug Klarwa Fountain Asuulek's Mouth Tar Kuata Parched Dunes Sokar's Boil Slave Trenches of Hakotep Kho-Rarme Pass Ruins of Kho Cliffs of Kusha-ta-Pahk Sphinx Head Alamein Peninsula Stepped Tower of Djedefar Coast of Graves Hor-Aha Shiman-Sekh Glazen Sheet Xefon-Ra Lamashtu's Flower Seven Stelae Totra Sahure Wastes Eto Pillars of the Sun Swells of Gozreh Gardens of Shepeska Sothis Ruins of Tumen Burning Cape Underdunes River Sphinx Mount Na-Ken Scorpion Coast An Tephu Wati Asp Crook River Temple of An-Alak Salt Hills Ipeq Mount Osiki Pyramid of Doom Brazen Peaks Temples of Pharaoh Ahn Sand Haven

List of works

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This includes works from User:Aeakett/sandbox, User talk:Aeakett/sandbox, User:Cpt kirstov, Forum:In-world books, Category:Books, and all the holy texts currently cited on Deities pages.

  • Confirm from here that Silent Tide codebook and The Inward-Facing Circle belong on List of works.
  • Does Norgorber have a holy text?

NPCs of Absalom

Poor Lord Avid/Aven of House Arnsen is waiting to figure out what to name his article. See Talk:Diobel, Diobel/Conflicts, and Talk:Absalom.

Scion Lord Avid of House Arnsen, an Absalom native of Taldan heritage, is the teriarch of Diobel and leader of House Arnsen.1 Lord Avid was friends in youth and allies with Lord Gyr of House Gixx through their rise through Absalom society together.1 After Lord Gyr was elected primarch, he had Lord Avid named as teriarch. While Lord Gyr viewed this as a reward, Lord Avid saw it as a slight, and their relationship has devolved into a rivalry.1 Diobel has thus become something of a safe haven for Lord Gyr's enemies to plot against him.1

The Coins NPCs

  • Myleena of House Arnsen, Nomarch of the Coin Council, p. 20
  • Lady Kythes Finch, Captain of the Token Guard, owner-operator of the Saucy Wench, p. 20
  • Bwutuzu the Panther, Bazaar Overseer, Keeper of the Measures, p. 20
  • Lord Naveem of House Wachail, Seat of the Coin Council, Slave Overseer, p. 20
  • The Harlequin, Guildmaster of the Forthright Men Thieves' Guild, p. 20
  • Aetris Thunderhoof (p.21), centaur owner of Hackamore House
  • Glenair of House Jefreet (p.21) druid co-operator of Hackamore House.

Absalom Naming Conventions

Some notes on how people are named in Guide to Absalom.

It appears at present that GtA most often name people in the format "X of Y" rather than "X Y". It usually (but not always) adds the title "Lord/Lady" in front if the person has such a title. If "Y is a house, they are named "X of House Y", but "Y" is undescribed otherwise.

Members of Houses (ambiguously named)

  • Scion Lady Xerashir (p.7), mentioned in the House Shamyyid section as the leader
  • Xerashir of House Shamyyid (p. 13), mentioned without title without other reference to her house in several places later in the text.
  • Lord Yuvin Vatir of House Damaq, Quartermaster, Silver Sword (p. 18); usually referred to as "Lord Yuvin Vatir" in the succeeding pages. Two given names is somewhat unusual.

Members of Houses (unambiguously named)

Other appellations


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