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A hodag is a large solitary reptilian magical beast that lives far from civilized regions.1


The bodies of hodags are covered in spines and green and brown scales, which help them blend into their forest homes. Their long tail sweeps away the hodag's tracks as they walk. In the winter, hodags grow pungent, dark-brown tufts of fur between their scales.1 Their howls are sometimes confused with those of a sasquatch.2

On Golarion

Few have seen a hodag and even fewer have lived to share their experience. Due to this, many believe hodags are mythical. Rumors of legendary hodags are common in the Verduran Forest, Echo Wood, and southwestern Ravounel.1

One is said to lair in the upper levels of the Temple of Xanthuun, a Ghol-Gani ruin off the coast of the Sodden Lands;3 another lairs in the Narlmarches of the River Kingdoms' Stolen Lands,4 and in 4712 AR skeletal hodags were among the undead menagerie that assaulted a party of Pathfinder researchers in Varisia's Sanos Forest.5 A pack of hodags roams the Tamarnian Tar Forest in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords.6

Highhelm's Avistan Basilisk League team is named the Hodags and are rivals of Magnimar's Fightin' Firepelts.7


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