City districts of Absalom

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A map of Absalom with labelled districts.

Absalom is such a large city that it is divided into fourteen smaller districts, each of which is governed as an independent city by a district council.[1]

Ascendant Court
The Ascendant Court is the religious center of Absalom, holding the preponderance of the city's temples as well as the Starstone Cathedral.[2] Located at the physical center of Absalom, it serves as a hub between other districts: all roads in the Ascendant Court lead to the Starstone.[2]
Azlanti Keep
Azlanti Keep is a major fortification, and large enough to qualify as a city district in its own right. The keep is the home of the First Guard, the major element of Absalom's military.[3]
The Coins
The Coins is Absalom's main commercial district, where all manner of goods are for sale at any time of day. It is also the location of the controversial slave pits of Absalom.[4]
The Docks
Foreign Quarter
Green Ridge
Ivy District
Merchants' Quarter
The Petal District
Precipice Quarter
The Puddles
Wise Quarter