City districts of Absalom

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A map of Absalom with labelled districts.

Absalom is such a large city that it is divided into eleven smaller districts,1 each of which is governed as an independent city by a district council.2

Ascendant Court
The Ascendant Court is the religious center of Absalom, holding the preponderance of the city's temples as well as the Starstone Cathedral.3 Located at the physical center of Absalom, it serves as a hub between other districts: all roads in the Ascendant Court lead to the Starstone.3
The Coins
The Coins is Absalom's main commercial district, where all manner of goods are for sale at any time of day. It is also the location of the controversial slave pits of Absalom.4
The Docks
The Docks is the harborfront district of Absalom, hosting myriad ships from all over Golarion. The Flotsam Graveyard, an underwater fortification of sunken ships, guards the entrance to the harbor while the Wave Riders patrol above the waterline.5
Eastgate serves as a sort of middle-class residential district, housing craftspeople, workers from other districts, minor nobles, and the like. Green Ridge is a prominent neighbourhood of the district. The azarketi maintain the enclave of Gilltown within this district.5
Foreign Quarter
The Foreign Quarter of Absalom serves as a home away from home for the many cultures and people who have immigrated to the City at the Center of the World, with whole neighborhoods of the district taking on the flair and character of faraway lands. Notable landmarks include the great Irorium and the Grand Lodge of the Pathfinder Society.6
Ivy District
The Ivy District houses the beating heart of Absalom's art scene. Theaters, bardic schools such as the White Grotto, and all sorts of street performers can be found among the manor houses and gardens of the district.7
The Petal District
The Petal District is, overwhelmingly, the wealthiest district in Absalom, boasting broad boulevards, extensive estates, and institutions of higher learning such as the College of Mysteries.7
Precipice Quarter
A blighted district, the Precipice Quarter is what remains of the former Beldrin's Bluff after an earthquake took most of the district into the harbor. Wynsal Starborn has attempted to clean the district up, but what remains after 20 years of neglect, including haunts, criminals, monsters, and the like, are not easy to dispose of. The district is on the mend, but much work needs be done.8
The Puddles
Nearly constantly flooded due to a combination of poor architectural choices and neglect, the slums known as the Puddles remain the poorest of Absalom's inhabited districts.8
Primarily a residential district, not unlike Eastgate, Westgate exists as a quiet, safe district where the residents largely keep to their own while biding their time to make a run at getting into the Petal or Ivy Districts.8
Wise Quarter
If the Ivy District, with its art and entertainment, is the heart of Absalom, the Wise Quarter is its mind. Housing such institutions as the Arcanamirium, the Blakros Museum, and the Forae Logos, the District is a center of scholarship and governance for the city as a whole.8


  1. In the original Guide to Absalom (pub. 2008), there were fourteen districts in Absalom. Paizo reduced this to twelve in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide (pub. 2016) and discussed by Erik Mona here: Azlanti Keep was no longer classified as a district; the Merchant's Quarter and the Coins were merged to become the same district, called the Coins; Green Ridge was subsumed as a neighbourhood within Eastgate; and the Flotsam Graveyard was added as a virtual district. This structure was changed again in Absalom, City of Lost Omens (pub. 2021) with the removal of district status of the Flotsam Graveyard, making a total of eleven. This latter book is considered the primary source.
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