Great cyclops

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Great cyclops

Great cyclopes are a type of cyclops characterized by their greater size and lesser intelligence.1


Great cyclopes strongly resemble their lesser kin, but are much larger and more muscular. They also possess a single horn growing from their foreheads.1


Great cyclopes share the common cyclopes' ability to see into the future. They cannot however control this, and the constant barrage of visions of possible future violence drives them into madness.1

Ecology and society

Great cyclopes are solitary beings, and live away from each other and from other humanoids. This is fortunate, as they are also very aggressive and will attack any other being that they encounter.1

The origins of great cyclopes, and their relationship with other cyclopes, are not well understood. Scholars have historically assumed them to have been used as beasts of burden by other cyclopes, but to have recently escaped into the wilderness and become feral. However, common cyclopes occasionally withdraw from the rest of their kind, lose all higher intellect and mutate into the lumbering, primitive great cyclopes. As such, other scholars believe these creatures to be extreme cases of the degeneration that has plagued cyclopes since the fall of their empires, and to be the ultimate fate of the cyclops people.1


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