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Vahlo Huovar

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Vahlo Huovar
Vahlo Huovar under the Decemvirate Helm.

Source: Who Speaks for the Ten, pg(s). 30

Vahlo Huovar was a member of the leadership council of the Pathfinder Society known as the Decemvirate, and also secretly an agent of the Whispering Tyrant Tar-Baphon.2 He was destroyed by Pathfinders while attempting to take over the Grand Lodge in 4719 AR.1


Due to the disguising magic of the Triple-Spire Helm, his undeath was not revealed to the rest of the Pathfinder Society until his final destruction. Only two people learned his true identity before his final defeat: Eylysia and Grandmaster Torch, who were unable to warn the rest of the Society as Vahlo's power within the organization prevented their warnings from being heard. For 200 years, Vahlo directed Pathfinders to recover magic items that could help Tar-Baphon once he escaped, one of which was an artifact tied to Zura capable of summoning undead versions of long-dead heroes by drawing life force from the living.23


Vahlo Huovar once fought on the side of the Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant but was later transformed into a graveknight and agent of Tar-Baphon.3

In 4719 AR, after Tar-Baphon escaped from his prison and the majority of Pathfinders traveled to beleaguered Lastwall to fight him, Vahlo put his plan in motion to seize the Grand Lodge, activate the artefact, and devastate Absalom in order to hand the city to his master. To further secure his plan, he sent the strongest Pathfinders who remained at Absalom to Mediogalti Island to eliminate Eylysia and Grandmaster Torch, who were likely to foil his plot, while in the process also keeping those Pathfinders occupied. As a contingency plan, he also contracted assassins of the Red Mantis to kill Eylysia in case of his agents' failure.2 Vahlo's plans were nonetheless thwarted by Pathfinders, who both defeated and permanently destroyed him.1

Possessions and destruction

Vahlo's Decemvirate Helm, called the Triple-Spire Helm, attuned itself so closely to him that it was considered part of his graveknight armor. Since a graveknight cannot be destroyed without also destroying its armor, the Helm allowed him to return even after being defeated.4 However, after each of his defeats at the hands of Pathfinders during his siege of the Grand Lodge, the Helm treated his regenerations as separate wearers of the Helm. Each new "wearer" weakened the Helm's powers until it crumbled as designed after being removed from Huovar's body following his final defeat and worn by a fifth person in a short span of time.5