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Source: Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen, pg(s). 64

Xin-Undoros (born Undoros) is the loyal champion of Xin, the emperor of Thassilon, and one of the most dedicated members of the Silent Devotees, the group that maintains Xin's tomb in the Emerald Chambers.1


Undoros was raised in the church of Lissala and absorbed her teachings well, quickly becoming capable of quoting whole passages from Lissala's holy text. Due to his loyalty, Undoros rose quickly in the ranks, eventually becoming Xin's champion. In -6420 AR, before the runelords assassinated Xin, they lured Undoros away from the capital; Undoros has never forgiven himself for his failure to protect his lord. When the runelords expressed their false grief by building an elaborate tomb for Xin known as the Emerald Chambers, Undoros volunteered to be its guard and was a founding member of the Silent Devotees, an order of monks and magic users who swore to eternally protect the emperor before cutting their tongues.1

For the rest of the Age of Legend, Undoros hardly aged as he maintained his quiet vigil. He interpreted this immortality as a curse from Lissala, who wanted him to live so he could redeem himself for his failure. He predicted Earthfall a few days before it hit, but never warned the runelords, blaming them for killing his rightful emperor and corrupting his empire. Instead, he exposed himself to the raw magic flowing through the Emerald Chambers, eventually rising as a graveknight some time after Thassilon's destruction. Renaming himself Xin-Undoros after his lord, he has become the leader of the few remaining Silent Devotees. Despite regaining his capability to speak as an undead, he chooses not to, considering such an act to be a violation of his oath. When visitors come, Xin-Undoros is willing to show them the carvings demonstrating Xin's virtues, in the process convincing them to leave tributes and depart quickly, before cutting them down if they refuse to comply.1


Xin wanted his champion to be the most formidable warrior in the world, so he created the Shield of Undoros for him to enhance his powers. Long ago, the shield was stolen from the Emerald Chambers and replaced with a fake; by the time Xin-Undoros realised it, the thief was long gone. It recently fell into the hands of the orc warlord Nurgrash, but Xin-Undoros is unaware of his shield's re-emergence.2


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