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Emperor Xin (formerly)
Source: The Dead Heart of Xin, pg(s). 18–53

Xin was the capital of Thassilon during the reign of its namesake, Emperor Xin.1 Until very recently, it was located at the bottom of the Varisian Gulf, but now can be found on an island off the coast of Varisia.2


Xin was located in southwestern Thassilon, bordering Bakrakhan. Since Earthfall, it has lain on the ocean floor, some 100 miles from Magnimar. Its skyline is dominated by the Crystal Palace, Xin's home.345


Xin served as Thassilon's capital during the reign of its founder, Emperor Xin. After Xin's death, the city was allowed to fall into ruin; Xin-Cyrusian, capital of Cyrusian, replaced it as Thassilon's de facto capital. Xin, haunted by the First King's ghost, became a forbidden place until Earthfall sank it into the Varisian Gulf. In modern times, Xin is barely known even among the most learned Thassilonian scholars.167

Recent history

A group of adventurers managed to raise the island the city was built upon from the bottom of the ocean in 4712 AR. The resulting tsunami caused widespread destruction in Varisia (especially in Magnimar) and even damaged the more distant island-nation of Hermea.2


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