Zo Piaobo

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Zo Piaobo
Nation Minata
Region Atas Pulu & Tengah Pulu
Size Large town
Population 2,310

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 31

Zo Piaobo is a strange floating principality that drifts between the islands within the regions of Atas Pulu and Tengah Pulu of Minata.[1] The city was founded in 4609 AR shortly after the fall of Imperial Lung Wa by a group of disgruntled former captains from Lung Wa's navy.[2] Zo Piaobo consists of hundreds of bundles of driftwood, rafts, and ships all lashed together to create one huge, artificial island on which the city sits. The residents of Zo Piaobo often detach parts of the city to form smaller flotillas called "kipakus" that function like miniature versions of Zo Piaobo. These kipakus can be found floating in the river mouths and harbours of many of the nations across Tian Xia. While not the largest city in Minata, Zo Piaobo represents the largest allied group of pirates in the Wandering Isles, which gives the city a lot of political clout.[1]