Agent of the grave

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Agent of the Grave
(Prestige class)

Any but mainly Geb & Ustalav
Divine or arcane spellcaster
5 levels
Source: Broken Moon, pg(s). 67

An agent of the grave is an elite member of the Whispering Way organization who engages in strange rituals and foul practices to not only further the causes of the Whispering Way but prepare themselves for eternal life as the undead. So strong is this tie with undeath that even before their final transformation they begin to take on undead-like qualities. They can drain life with a touch, control vast hordes of the undead and even be healed by the normally lethal negative energy. Agents of the Grave are elite members of the Whispering Way most often serving small, individual cells of the wider cult. Agents of the Grave often are used to seduce potential candidates, enticing them with their wide breadth of knowledge and forbidden secrets while disguising their foul natures. They are also sometimes used as scouts searching out ancient relics, rare spell components and valuable corpses. Their most powerful abilities are to use spells normally off limits to them. Most usefully, they gain a connection that makes the transformation to undeath easier, freeing them from the influence of undead creatures like vampirea that turn them and even making the transformation into a powerful lich easier.1