Razmiran priest

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Razmiran priest
A Razmiran cultist
(Prestige class)

Arcane spellcaster
10 levels
Source: Paths of Prestige, pg(s). 44

A Razmiran priest is a false divine caster loyal to the false god, Razmir, who can readily use arcane spells and abilities to make onlookers perceive he is casting divine spells.1

Fake clerics

Because Razmir is not a true god, his priests cannot cast true divine spells, instead using arcane magic to mask their deficiency. Healing, normally a staple of all clerics, is a particular problem for Razmiran priests, who use obscure arcane magic, folk remedies, and so-called "holy" artifacts to cure. They are quite convincing, and are able to dupe most commoners who see them perform their magic.2


Razmiran priests are able to exhibit the powers of a divine domain as though they were servants of a real god. The domains that Razmir is able to falsely replicate for his followers are Charm, Evil, Law, or Trickery.1