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An Al-Zabriti asavir in combat.
(Prestige class)

Any (typically members of Althameri tribes)
10 levels
Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 10–11

The signature fighting style of the Al-Zabriti is embodied by asavirs, leaders of the tribes' defenders, who have close relationships with horses from the tribe's genie-blessed stocks. They are famously adept at building loyal and coordinated teams of combatants and using their mounted prowess to break enemy lines and challenge their leaders.2

Asavirs are not limited to Al-Zabrit; some travel as adventurers or soldiers-for-hire, and others serve in other parts of Kelesh, such as in its Imperial Forces.2

An asavir's mount—always an equine creature—is their animal companion and integral to their combat style and abilities. Asavirs are expert chargers, and their mounts can cause the ground to quake beneath them as they thunder forward. As the asavir grows in skill, their mount grows in power alongside them through blessings from shaitans, djinn, marids, efreet, and ultimately jann. These blessings bestow powers of resilience, speed, agility, flaming hooves, and uncanny luck.2


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