Ashavic dancer

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Ashavic dancer
(Prestige class)

Any (common in Varisia)
Divine or arcane spellcasters
10 levels
Source: Paths of the Righteous, pg(s). 4-5

An Ashavic dancer dedicates herself to Ashava, the empyreal lord of dancers, moonlight, and lonely spirits. They are particularly common along Varisia's Lost Coast.1

Ashavic dancers use moonlit dances to guide and save souls who have lost their way on the River of Souls. Many of these performances can turn and influence the undead, communicate with the dead and spirits, or ward against possession.1

All Ashavic dancers worship Ashava, learn to speak Necril, are knowledgeable in religion and skilled dancers, can cast spells, and are good-natured, if neutral or chaotic.1


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