Crimson templar

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Crimson templar
(Prestige class)

Martial types
10 levels
Source: Paths of the Righteous, pg(s). 8-9

A crimson templar is a devout warrior who follows the empyreal lord Ragathiel, and trains specifically in battling the forces of Hell.1

Among the most lawful and goodly followers of Ragathiel are his crimson templars, ruthless assassins who are willing to kill in the name of good while saving others from having to perform such violent tasks. Their intense affiliation fortifies them against flames while also empowering them with heavenly fire, and can grant them five-winged flight similar to their patron's.1

Crimson templars wield bastard swords with lethal power. Templars who stray from either strict lawfulness or pure goodness, or who kill a goodly creature, lose their patron's favor until they atone for their sins.1


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