Blue Tower

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The Blue Tower is the tallest building in Eastgate district of Absalom and among the tallest in the whole city. It is made of pieces of light blue coral, forming a spiraling horn topped with a stone lighthouse. Blue Tower is so tall that it can focus its light beyond the Flotsam Graveyard to mark a ship out of Absalom's harbor. The tower is home to the Winged Sandals, an order of dedicated messengers who worship Iomedae. The Winged Sandals claim their origins back to Aroden. They say the order was commanded by Aroden himself to be ready to deliver messages to anywhere in the world. When magical means of communication don't work or are not trusted, the Winged Sandals are capable of delivering a message to any place in the world.[1] Along with the Absalom Lighthouse, the Spire of Nex, and the peaks of the Kortos Mounts, the Blue Tower is among the most recognizable parts of Absalom's skyline.[2]


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