Noble houses of Taldor

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Noble houses of Taldor
The crest of Taldor
Type Noble houses
Headquarters Taldor
Scope National
Structure Familial
Members Nobles

Beyond the royal family of Grand Prince Stavian III, and his only daughter and heir, Princess Eutropia, few nations can claim a more complicated system of classes and titles than Taldor. The Noble houses of Taldor are such a complicated web of acquired and inherited titles that a team of scholars in the Primogen Library is dedicated to keeping account of each title's place in the hierarchy of the empire and each year the Grand Prince adds new names to the list.[1]

A selective list includes:

  • House Dalassenos, granted a noble title of Count, the Dalassenos family turned a mining outpost into the now wealthy town of Dalaston.[4]
  • House Disaren, another minor house from the Tandak Plains. Bitter rival to House Bourtze for the past several hundred years.[2]
  • House Germande, also maintains their own house knights, with a reputation as good jousters.[6]
  • House Morilla, a large and ancient family of expert manipulators with many prominent members operating in Absalom and Oppara.[8][9]
  • House Tulwin, formerly led by a lord of minor influence with a large family based in Oppara. He kept his wealth from his despised children by ensuring his sizable wealth was buried with him in Antios's Crown thus effectively ending his noble line's influence.[13] The House's heraldic coat of arms bears an image of a winged boar.[14]

Former or Extinct Houses

  • House Teppish, once at the right hand of the Grand Prince, this family is now near extinction. Their fall from immense power and grace occurred approximately 50 years ago.[16] Surviving twins Dalirio and Grench now work against the empire from within.[10]


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