Camilia Drannoch

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Camilia Drannoch
Titles Chairwoman
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Bard
Gender Female
Homeland Galt
Organization Revolutionary Council

Source: Legends, pg(s). 38

Camilia Drannoch is the incumbent Chairwoman of the Revolutionary Council in Galt.[1] Determined to bring back Galt's potential, she secretly seeks to purge the Gray Gardeners, end the Red Revolution, and get rid of the final blades.[2]


Camilia always wears a polished steel choker and a red scarf to remind herself of Galt's troubles and the trouble paid by her family.[1]


Camilia grew up in Iadara where her mother Apalma served as Galt's ambassador to Kyonin. When the family returned home, Apalma was arrested by the Gray Gardeners as soon as they crossed the border, then dragged through the streets of Isarn and executed by the final blade Silence.[1]


Camilia's web of assets extend throughout and beyond Galt. Her allies are rewarded with prestige and power, while her foes tend to find themselves assassinated or lynched. Believing that outdated ideologies across Golarion will soon be discredited, Camilia openly supports and sends agents to aid rebels in Vidrian and Ravounel.[1]

Camilia's care for the souls imprisoned in the final blades has led her to seek Geb as an ally, offering intelligence on Nex and the Spire of Nex so he would free the trapped souls, allowing them to continue existing in Geb or pass onto the afterlife. Geb has begun to consider Camilia's offer due to his lack of living spies to infiltrate Nex.[2]

Camilia has entered a clandestine alliance with Andira Marusek, who also wishes to get rid of the final blades. Knowing that Andira would balk at some unsavoury things she had to do, Camilia limits the flow of information to what she wants Andira to hear.[2]

Eutropia Stavian has offered friendship to the Revolutionary Council, while Camilia believes that Eutropia is holding back, and seeks to radicalise her so Eutropia can realise the true potential of Taldor.[2]

Camilia never fell in love with the country of her birth, and sees Telandia Edasseril, who is reluctant to align Kyonin with any cause, as an obstacle. Some of her detractors have begun to refer to her and the female leaders of neighbouring countries as the 'Four Queens'.[2]


During her childhood in Kyonin, Camilia proved to have an unusually sharp mind. After her mother's death, which introduced her to Galt, Camilia entered politics, and quickly gained a following with her passionate words and radicalism. After making a speech questioning the Gray Gardeners next to Silence, Camilia was kidnapped under the full moon, a black bag covering her head; the kidnappers promised to reunite her with her mother.[1]

Fifteen years later, with her old foes all dead, Camilia reappeared in Isarn. She became a household name and earned a seat on the Revolutionary Council by exposing the Eye of Law as a hag coven. Since then, she has survived multiple coups, and became Chairwoman when her predecessor Korran Goss was torn apart by an angry mob. She enacted several popular reforms to bring back some stability, notably putting an end to xenophobic policies and improving foreign relations.[1][2]


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