Cult of the Redeemer Queen

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Cult of the Redeemer Queen

Heretical cult
Promote the redemption and ascension of Nocticula

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The Cult of the Redeemer Queen promotes the heretical idea that the demon lord Nocticula has abandoned the Midnight Isles and is becoming a more neutrally-aligned deity of artists, midnight, and outcasts. While Nocticula's traditional worshipers have not lost access to their more evil divine magic, clerics among these heretics have also begun receiving spells from her sourced from different domains. Their holy symbol is a seven-pointed crown behind a moon bearing lips, and they favor the dagger.123

Others view this cult's beliefs to be the result of a ruse on Nocticula's part. Although these skeptics agree that Nocticula seeks true godhood, they believe that the demon lord seeks to become an assassin of gods and seeded rumors of her quest for redemption to hide her true intentions.2 Likewise, the cult has faced opposition and assassinations from more orthodox worshipers of Nocticula.3 Nocticula herself seems to enjoy the strife caused by these disagreements, and grants her heretical followers the same magic that she grants her traditional worshipers.2


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