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Deep crow

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Deep Crow
Type Magical beast
CR 14
Environment Underground

Source: Pathfinder 16: Endless Night, pg(s). 80-81

Deep crows are fierce aerial predators of the Darklands, stalking even the powerful races of the underground like drow, dero and troglodytes. They reside in the largest caverns where they can take advantage of their flight. Even without the benefits of flight, deep crows are formidable opponents.


A deep crow is a unique looking creature. While it does resemble a crow there are a multitude of other animals it is comparable to. It has the predatory four-legged stance of a stalking jungle cat but each of its four legs ends in an eagle like talon capable of rending through rock and stone. On its back are a pair of huge crow-like wings covered in oily black feathers. Its face combines that of a flesh hungry crow with a monstrous arachnid. It has eight huge dark eyes facing in all directions and its mouth not only has a sharp rending beak but also has a pair of spider like mandibles. Deep crows are nearly twenty feet tall at the shoulder and weigh up to seven thousand pounds.[1]

Habitat & Ecology

Deep crow always lair deep underground in the Darklands. Their nests are always high up and inaccessible. Despite their fearsome appearance deep crows are social animals. They establish a natural pecking order amongst their own kind. Much like normal animals they can be communicated with by druids and rangers. Those brave warriors of nature who have communicated with deep crows claim them to be imperious in personality but open to communication. They will not be tamed by humanoids but do occasionally allow those who they deeply respect to ride them.

Deep crows are hatched from enormous black eggs that are laid by the most ancient of the deep crows. Each hatchling normally has between one and four brothers or sisters. They are taught how to hunt and live in the Darklands by their parent who they usually stay with for about a year. After the first year they leave to find their own lair. Like dragons, deep crows grow larger and more powerful with age. Their vast hunger sometimes drive deep crows upwards in search of more food driving them to locations just below the reach of the sun.[2]


Ancient Caw 
The caw of a deep crow causes a deep-seeded primal fear in all creatures.
Fear of Magic 
For some unknown reason deep crows show an unnatural fear of magic that shakes them if they see visible magical effects.
Shadow Blend 
Deep crows can blend into shadows allowing them to completely conceal themselves within the darkness.[1][2]