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Forest goblin

Source: Character Guide, pg(s). 36–37

Forest goblins are a goblin ethnicity common in coniferous forests, and were once prominent in the Chitterwood of Isger until being decimated in the Goblinblood Wars. They are now known for their contributions to human nations, such as the Crookedtoes' aid of Ulthun II and the Knights of Ozem.1


Most forest goblins have skin that ranges in tone from dark green to a green-hued brown, are barely 3 feet tall, and weigh about 35 pounds.1 Their skin tends to be darker than Rasp goblins.2


Forest goblins were recruited into the Goblinblood Wars in 4697 AR, and many who fought were killed.1 Forest goblins also live in the Finadar Forest of Iobaria, where the Dragondweller tribe joined the human Farheaven Clan and left to battle demons at the Sarkoris Scar.3


Forest goblins, like all goblins, enjoy song and fire, distrust writing, and hate dogs and horses. Forest goblins are particularly known for their responsible uses of fire to maintain forests, and their expertise in both starting and controlling fire. Such practices are passed on through song and use.1

They are comparatively reclusive, with most of their interactions with other ancestries occurring during thefts or while scavenging.1


Some tribes, such as the Crookedtoes, have pursued their pyromania into the worship of Sarenrae.4

Known inhabitants

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Paizo generically referred to Rasp and forest goblins as "goblins" until the publication of Character Guide.

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