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Ulthun II

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Ulthun II
Watcher-Lord Ulthun II.

Watcher-Lord of Lastwall
Bearer of the Shattered Shield of Arnisant
Paladin 14 (formerly Paladin 6)1
Absalom (formerly Vigil, Lastwall)
4690 AR
(about 34 years old)
Source: Gardens of Gallowspire, pg(s). 60

Unlike many of the hereditary monarchs that rule other lands, Watcher-Lord Ulthun II was chosen for his qualities. He was considered the absolute exemplar of all the crusader virtues Lastwall values most highly. While his age may seem a disadvantage to his role as Watcher-Lord, his lack of experience is counter-balanced by advisers from groups like the Precentors Martial. Ulthun's good qualities are numerous: he is pure of heart, faithful to his goddess, and skilled at arms. He has also displayed a talent for leadership with a quick mind, sound judgement, and a willingness to listen to others. All these qualities, combined with rulership of an entire country, has made Ulthun one of the most eligible bachelors in all Avistan.12


Ulthun is a handsome man, and his features have only improved with age.3


Ulthun is the grandson of refugees who fled the shadowy tyranny of Nidal in search of a plentiful, peaceful life. Although a romantic man, he has politely refused all suitors seeking his attention.13


As a child, Ulthun helped other children stand up to bullies on the streets of Vigil, and later went on many tours of service in the Hold of Belkzen. He was appointed Watcher-Lord in 4709 AR at the age of 19, the youngest leader Lastwall has ever seen; by that time, he already established a reputation of piety and courage. His leadership has further solidified his reputation, as he improved foreign relations, vigorously defended the Belkzen frontier, and selflessly dedicated himself to the glory of his nation and goddess.3

In 4719 AR, Ulthun saw destruction on a scale he could never have imagined as the city of Vigil was destroyed and thousands of civilians were killed by the Radiant Fire. Discovering that Tar-Baphon, the ancient enemy of the Knights of Ozem, had just escaped from his prison of Gallowspire and was responsible for the calamity, and that Arazni, his order's shame, was also somehow involved, he led the surviving Knights of Ozem on a death march upon Renchurch to deliver justice to both liches. He was dissuaded from wasting his men's lives in an unwinnable battle by a group of adventurers working with Arazni, and with the aid of the goblin Crookedtoes tribe of the Fangwood, he managed to cut off the undead army pursuing him and evacuate to Absalom.456

Ulthun has made considerable waves in Absalom where he struggles to gain support from the rich and powerful for his cause in reclaiming his lost homeland. He has also supported the rebuilding of Absalom’s long‑destroyed Precipice Quarter so that it may serve as a sanctuary for refugees.7


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