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The demonic rune of Gogunta
Titles Song of the Swamp;
Goddess of the Boggards;
Mother of Swamps;
Frog Mother
Home Mephizim, the Abyss
Alignment Chaotic evil
Areas of Concern Amphibians
Worshipers Boggards, chuuls
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Death, Evil, Water
Subdomains Demon, Murder, Oceans, Undead
Favored Weapon Whip
Symbol Twig fetish of a boggard
Sacred Animal Frog
Sacred Colors Blue, green
Images of Gogunta

Gogunta (pronounced go-GUN-tuh)[1] is a demon lord of foetid swamps and serves as the sole goddess of the swamp-dwelling boggards.


Attributed with the creation of all of boggard-kind,[2] Gogunta is also said to have created the mobogo, which the boggards believe to have been the first creatures to emerge from the foetid mire wherein the massive demon lord Gogunta deposited her frogspawn.[3] Some sources claim Gogunta was herself a mobogo before ascending to the rank of demon lord, while more scholarly references claim she was a hezrou of Dagon before her ascension.[4][2]


Gogunta is perceived as frog with many heads and a plethora of eyes and tongues. Boggards portray her as a huge queen of their kind.[4]


Gogunta's realm in the Abyss is Mephizim, an immense saltmarsh island. It is unique in that it is wholly surrounded and subsumed by Dagon's realm, the endless abyssal sea of Ishiar. This accommodation is rare among demon lords, who tend to see each other as threats to their dominance.[5][6]


Gogunta has an accommodation with the powerful demon lord Dagon. Her realm of Mephizim lies fully within his realm, where Dagon allows her free rein. Their cultists work together, even interbreeding on the Material Plane. Some references cite her as starting her career as a hezrou servant of Dagon.[4]

Cult and worshipers

Gogunta's most numerous worshipers are boggards, who view her not as a demon but as a goddess. The priest-kings of these tribes of frogmen are trained from birth to speak with their goddess, and over time develop magical powers as a result of their connection to her. The closer they become to Gogunta, the more like giant frogs the priest-kings become.[7] Favouring hezrou as guards and even as lovers, Gogunta might even send a hezrou to lead a boggard tribe of the Material Plane.[2] On Golarion, her worship is strong amongst the boggards of Varisia's Mushfens, the River Kingdoms, and the Sodden Lands.[2]

The Frog Mother is also worshiped by hezrou who live in the Frostmire Fen of the Worldwound.[8]