Guardian naga

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Guardian naga

Guardian nagas are noble nagas who appoint themselves the protectors of ancient sites of power or beauty.1


Guardian nagas believe that beautiful things and places should be protected, and that this effort is its own reward. As such, they protect places of natural or magical importance, such as ancient groves, abandoned temples, or sacred vaults.1

When guardian nagas reach adulthood, they are encouraged to leave their parents' home and find a natural wonder or ancient site of their own to watch over. On other occasions, an aging parent might pass on their ward to their child, leading generations of guardian nagas to guard the same place. This gives the older generations reassurance that their site will continue to be guarded after they are gone.1

Guardian nagas have varying relationships with other societies. Cultures that view snakes as vile or evil find it difficult to understand that guardian nagas are benevolent and kindly. However, guardian nagas are patient and understanding, and welcome the chance to expand others' worldviews. A guardian naga who encounters a more open-minded group with similar values, such as a sect of priests or monks, may ally with them to fulfill its mission.1


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