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Nation Thuvia
Size Large city
Population 11,450
Ruler Queen Zamere

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 189

Lamasara is the third largest of Thuvia's five allied city states. It is situated on the Junira river. Its ruler, Queen Zamere, is known for her clever diplomacy. Lamasara is famous for its performers and artisans. It is said that there is always music in the air, although the most well-known of its artists usually perform in whichever city is currently hosting the sun orchid elixir.[1]

Among the notable buildings in the city is the Serene Spiral, Lamasara's majestic temple of Pharasma, which Artokus Kirran once visited with his familiar, Tukalo, to meet a morrigna named Tosof.[2]

As one of Thuvia's five city states, once every five years it is the city's turn to sell six vials of the prized sun orchid elixir to foreign bidders. It typically guards its shipments of the elixir by using numerous decoy caravans to confuse would-be thieves.[3]